Board Roles

Co-chairs – Lead representatives and spokespeople, in charge of oversight and networking. They should have a vision of where the organization is going. They are “pointers of the arrow”. They are particularly responsible for communicating with the public. Relationship building within the Board and helping new board members find their place in the organization is also a part of their role.

Co-advisers – Advise the Board of Directors and other members of Worcester Roots. Advisers are go-to people who provide information that enables the Board of Directors and initiatives in incubation to make informed decisions. They have a special responsibility to seek materials that allow the organization to develop capacity and grow. Strong candidates for the position of adviser have experience in the ‘adviser area’ of choice or are willing to research for the group.

Advisers in the following areas are desirable:

  • Fundraising advisers
  • Youth development advisers
  • Legal advisers
  • Environmental justice advisers
  • Co-op advisers
  • And other advisers as needed

Co-Secretaries – The Secretaries are in charge of the management and presentation of our institutional memory. Secretaries maintains records and find creative and accessible ways to document our decisions, successes, plans, events, connections and directions. The Secretaries work with the Worcester Roots Coordinator to manage board documents and board role checklists.

[Note: Secretaries are not the only ones responsible for taking notes – note-taking is a rotating role that all Board members are encouraged to share.]

Co-Treasurers – Responsible for reporting the fiscal details of Worcester Roots to other members of the organization and to the State. They receive financial documentation from the staff and work with staff and others in the organization to make sure Worcester Roots’ budget is on track. They may find creative ways to present financial information to the group. They may also find ways for members of initiatives incubated by Worcester Roots to learn about and participate in the reporting process. Ideally treasurers have skills and experience in accounting or finance.

Communicators – Keep lines of communication warm with all members of the Board. Ensure that members of the Board and other members of Worcester Roots are all updated and included to the level they can manage in all that is happening. Communicators coordinate updates between the Board of Directors and other members about meetings and events. They distributes calls and connect other members for big events.

Committees of board members should meet on a regular basis to work in the following areas:

  • Financial and fiscal
  • Public relations and communications
  • Fund-raising
  • Programming
  • And temporary committees as needed

Committee coordinators for each committee help to keep each committee on track and in touch with the wider Board and Roots community.