Diggers Co-op

Who are we? We are a landscaping cooperative operating in the Worcester County area. Permaculture, landscaping, gardening, maintenance and design. We do it all!

We are a Worcester based landscaping cooperative that provides a variety of yard and garden services specializing in permaculture. We are committed to working closely with homeowners to create functional, aesthetically pleasing, and sustainable spaces that fit into the client’s lifestyle. Our members are experienced in various forms of landscaping, farming, permaculture, masonry, and construction. We love what we do and bring that passion with us to every job! We are available to work jobs of all scales and scopes; from weeding and routine maintenance to garden planting and permaculture design. For the safety of our clients, our workers, the environment, and future generations we practice sustainable landscaping. We avoid the use of dangerous chemicals, heavy machinery, and use loud equipment only when necessary. As a worker cooperative, we seek to keep our overhead low, allowing us a living wage while still keeping our services affordable. Its always cheaper when you don’t have to pay a boss who does no work!

• Fall and Spring Clean Up
• Lead Soil Testing and Remediation
• Patios
• Invasive Plant Removal
• Lawn Care
• Raised Beds
• Gardening Design and Installation
• Composting
• Masonry and Stonework
• Foodscapes
• Permaculture

We are a worker cooperative, which means that the organization is run and owned by its workers, splitting costs and profits equally among our membership. In this way we create a more democratic way of doing business!
For landscaping that supports a local co-op and Worcester’s Solidarity and Green Economy, give us a call!

(774) 314-7344