House Party workshop notes

We’ve Got The Power Community Organizing Training, 2012

House Parties

Objective (from community organizing perspective)
Raise Money and/or Raise Awareness (about issue and/or organization)

Planning (small group brainstorms)

What are some important things to think about before the house party/during the house party and after?


  • Who will host? Location?
  • Create invitation and invite list/mailing list; rsvp process
  • Food? Alcohol?
  • Transportation and childcare needed?
  • Agenda? Speakers?
  • Entertainment?
  • Budget
  • what size? Safety issues? Age group?
  • Timing of everything
  • how long will the party be?
  • registration/check-in?
  • Who’s doing what? Who’s point person for different parts? (peacekeeper/vibeswatcher/etc)


  • set-up; information to hand out
  • refershments stocked
  • ice breakers
  • mingling/networking
  • sign up sheet/e-mail addresses
  • passing collection “hat” – who’s doing “the ask”?
  • share victories/history/meanigful anecdotes
  • evidence/illustartions of how money spent


  • clean-up
  • follow-up – Thank you notes to people who came
  • have host send note and donation form to people who were invited but didnt come
  • self-evaluation by planning group
  • enter list of house-party guests to database
  • send a gift basket and thank you to the host

helpful on-line resource: