Solidarity Economy

Previously the Worcester Green Jobs Coalition, Worcester Roots is a founding member of the Worcester SAGE Alliance (Solidarity And Green Economy).SAGE_1200-500

The alliance’s aim is to imagine and create a socially just and sustainable, cooperative economy in Worcester. We provide a forum for consensus-based discussion, resource sharing, and organizing, around ethical economic initiatives and relationships.

The Alliance organizes an annual conference, more info HERE.

Goals of the Worcester Green Jobs Coalition:

  1. Connect youth and people who need jobs with those who can offer them.

  2. Promote jobs that stimulate us, our community, and our economy.

  3. Engage with businesses and city departments, city works.

  4. Connect ideas and passion with green ($ and others) resources.

  5. Build a stronger healthier community.

  6. Do education, outreach and engagement with grassroots.

  7. Facilitating green business creation and development.

  8. Don’t discriminate on race, age, CORI, gender, ability, class, neighborhood preference, sexuality.

Participating Groups and Organizations: