Staff Collective & Board

Worcester Roots Staff Collective

Because we believe in workplace democracy and co-operative jobs, Worcester Roots utilizes a horizontal Staff Collective structure. Staff Collective members share the role and duties of Executive Director.

Worcester Roots Board of Directors:

Worcester Roots emphasizes youth leadership on all levels of our organization, including our board. By pairing youth and adults in executive board roles, we support youth in taking ownership of the organization and building new skills.

  • Sam Toussaint (Co-Chair)
  • Kim McCoy (Co-Treasurer)
  • Sabbatina Konadu (Co-Treasurer)
  • Matthew Feinstein (Co-Secretary)
  • Shawn Foreman
  • Faira Cedano
  • Elliot Labbe
  • Jeuji Diamondstone
  • Michael Jerry
  • Jenny Feraud
  • Boone Shear
  • Amanda Barker
  • Shane Capra
  • Judith Mensa
  • Howard Lucas
  • Curtis Burrowes
  • Melinda Duah
  • Ethan Mitchell, Honorary Board Member
  • Susannah McCandless, Honorary Board Member
  • Bill Sweet, Honorary Board Member