Affiliate Membership:

Yearly Donation of:

$10 for Youth Individuals or 2 hours of work trade.

$30 for Adult Individuals or 3 hours of work trade.

$50 for Families or 5 hours of work trade.

*Work trade can take place at a volunteer site day, certain meetings and tasks as decided by the staff collective or board member.

Affiliate member benefits:

  • 5-10% Discount with certain cooperatives and events (list of discounts below)

Full Membership includes the above donation and benefits AND:

  • Participating in at least 1/2 of the general assemblies per year.
  • Taking a leadership role in a Worcester Roots activity and event.

Full Membership Benefits:

  • Above affiliate member benefits.
  • Decision-making in assemblies around campaigns, strategic direction, board elections.
  • May run for the board of directors.
  • Are eligible to attend conferences and travel to events on behalf of Worcester Roots.

Member Discounts:

  • 10% off event fees for all Worcester Roots events.
  • 10% off video, graphic design, website or other media services from Fututre Focus Media Co-op.
  • 10% discount at Worx Printing Co-op and Ethix Merch.
  • 10% off soil remediation / raised bed building work from Toxic Soil Busters Co-op
  • More coming soon.