Climate Justice is a Human Right

Sunday, March 20th 2016 at Clark University (Jefferson Academic Center) 9:30am to 1:30pm

Over 50 peopled joined together to create a space for people in Worcester area to share their work and future plans as part of the local &international climate justice movements.

Thanks to all who made Worcester’s first Climate Justice is a Human Rights mini conference yesterday a success!

The event began with a moment of silence to remember those who have died in the struggle, especially the women of color who have given their lives for climate justice and human rights.

Then we had a great report back from It Takes Roots delegation to the Climate Talks in Paris COP21 from Dania and Seena from EJLRI. Their powerpoint and more is available here:

Health and Gender Justice Workshop:
Gender and race inequities are clearly present not just in society but in our movement and collaborative work is clearly needed to uplift the work. One concrete way to do this is to make sure frontline communities are centered in the movement.

Food Justice and New Economy Workshop:
Local food movements are a clear pro-active step for climate justice – lots of interest in greenhouses, urban growing, food hub, food service and even ideas to restart a food cooperative that doesn’t gentrify and has low income people involved from the start and racial justice at the forefront.
The network of worker cooperatives and solidarity economy initiatives in Worcester is growing and looking for new members to help tackle issues such as: How do we use consumer power of individuals and anchor institutions while still being led by workers?
Join SAGE for General Meeting / Potluck at Stone Soup: 3rd Mondays of the month at 4:30pm (April 18th, etc.) at Stone Soup, 4 King St, Worcester.

Unions & Jobs Workshop:
Clark food service contract is coming up, a chance for local company / co-op to bid? How do we support union / workers struggles and keep them centered in the climate justice movement? Support the Fight for $15 and TIF campaigns of the Worcester Community Labor Coalition.

Housing, Transportation, Care of the Earth and Racial Justice Workshop:
This workshop took a deep look at waste and transportation’s contribution to climate change and local initiatives to organize around these issues – contact Neighbor to Neighbor for more info. Anti-blackness has parallels sentiments with how those in power disrespect mother earth – plunder and exploitation.

Thanks to Clark Peace Studies Department for space and food, Central Mass 350 for facilitation and coffee, EJLRI for breakfast, Neighbor to Neighbor for presenting, and Roots for childcare and interpretation (with Access Co-op).



Share what we’re working on around climate action.

Become more connected for better join action including communication tools.


Themes that we will connect to climate justice in facilitated discussions:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Food justice
  • Immigration
  • Racial Justice
  • New Economy
  • Gender Justice
  • Debt (Student debt and other)
  • Housing
  • Jobs & Labor Movement
  • Transportation


It consisted of breakout sessions based on themes and time all together for sharing conclusions and upcoming next steps.

We will focus on 3 main questions:

  • Share what you do around the above-listed themes.
  • Discuss strategies and challenges.
  • Share the various ways that people can get involved.

Sponsored by:
-Clark Peace Studies Department
-350 of Central MA
-Worcester SAGE Alliance
Worcester Roots

Events was free and open to the public.

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