Co-op Academy 2014

Co-op Academy Fall 2015 interest form HERE.

The 200 level Worcester Co-op Academy 2014 was a success thanks to the following sponsors and supporters:

UMass Five College Federal Credit Union

Cooperative Fund of New England

Cooperative Development Institute

Access Consulting Services

Knight-Dik Insurance

New Economy Coalition

Equal Exchange

Worx Printing Co-op

Law Office of Donald M. Kreis

Roger Williams University Community Economic Development  Law Clinic

OSD Live

Access Consulting Services


The Ralph K. Morris Foundation

Greater Worcester Community Foundation

Haymarket Peoples’ Fund

UMass Memorial Community Benefits

2013 Curriculum by: Boston Center for Community Ownership with support from The Cooperative Foundation updated for 2014 HERE.

What the survey results said:
The pre and post survey results showed an average increase of at least one point increase in each area. There was a 2.5 increase in “Understanding what it takes to start a new co-operative business” and a 2 point increase in “Ability to determine market feasibility.” One co-op incorporated during the academy and three other participating co-ops now feel ready to incorporate in the next few months. See graph below/attached for details.
Several participants said they made important connections not only to the presenters, but to other cooperatives in similar stages of development with whom they can continue to trade best practices with or call with challenges.
In terms of constructive criticism, some participants hoped for more hands-on in-class work time, which we hope to fulfill going forward with additional opportunities. One other piece of feedback was to that we can learn more from the experience in the room, from the cooperators themselves. Intro level co-op academy taught by graduates in 2015 and discussions of doing an academy in Rhode Island – expanding our vision and reach for co-op movement building.

Participating Co-ops:
Sol Chariots Pedicab Co-op
Global Village Farms
El Panal Honey Co-op
Future Focus Media Co-op
Diggers Landscaping Co-op
Neuron Robotics Cooperative
Toxic Soil Busters Co-op
Greenhouse Co-op
What the participants said:
“Informative and fun.”
“Co-op Academy is a great opportunity for newly founded and start-up co-operatives to get support and network with other cooperatives to build stronger individual cooperatives and a cooperative movement.”
“The Worcester Co-op Academy has reinvigorated my commitment to the Diggers Landscaping Co-op and given me confidence that we can close the gap between our internal capacity and what we need to know and do to become a legal entity.”

2014 co-op academy survey results


Fall 2014: Make your co-op idea a success

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Info for participants.

What You Get In the Coop Academy:

  • Over 24 hours of training by experienced trainers
  • One-on-One coaching with a successful entrepreneur
  • Access to a peer-support network beyond the training
  • Legal assistance with business incorporation & structuring
  • Greater visibility and name recognition for your co-op
  • Training and support in fundraising
  • Web site development
  • Logo design

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Directly reach hundreds interested in cooperatives


Your Options for Sponsoring the Co-op Academy:

    1. Monetary or in-kind donations of $25-49 value: Mention on Worcester Roots’ website and facebook page (reach est. 1000)
    2. Monetary or in-kind donations of $50-99 value: Above and mention on the flyer.
      (reach est. 1500)
    3. Monetary or in-kind donations of $100-149 value: Above and specific promotion to participating co-ops. (reach est. 1500 + direct promotion to 45)
    4. Monetary or in-kind donations of $150-199 value:
      Above and promotion in media releases and press conferences. (reach est. 2000 + direct promotion to 45)
    5. Monetary or in-kind donations of $200 and above: Above and recognition in curriculum materials. (reach est. 2000 + direct promotion to 400)


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