Future Focus Media Co-op

Worcester Roots Project is incubating the Future Focus Media Co-op and Youth Training Institute, which is a collaboration that produces high quality video, photography and audio, while training youth in TV and film production. The co-op builds youth’s job skills and creating powerful stories.

Future Focus Media is the main organizer of the Central Mass Film Festival.
A new festival is brewing in Central Massachusetts, a festival that will change how young filmmakers will interact with the film world, how movie-lovers in the area explore new titles, and how important stories are shared to our communities. Worcester connects the veins of northeast, creativity is bubbling up in search of outlets, and CMF2 will launch as a platform for this creativity, echoing the heartbeat of Central Massachusetts September 12-15th, 2013 throughout the Canal District and Downtown Worcester.

Future Focus Media and CMF2 organize monthly lead-up events featuring local-produced films, workshops, and thematic screenings to build energy for the main event in September. Feature films, shorts, documentaries, parties and live music will fill Worcester’s stages and screens with themes of local filmmaking, social justice, youth activism and others.