Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics) Academy

After 8 years of “Co-op Academy,” Worcester Roots is further decolonizing and re-indigenizing our work by introducing:




What is Ujamaa “Cooperative Economics” Academy?

a 14-week learning, healing, and building space for Black youth and adult organizers to envision and create cooperative economics projects for collective liberation.

Who should apply?
Black youth and adult organizers/community members from the city of Worcester who have Black Economic Empowerment and Liberation on their minds.
When will it be?
Fall 2020 (Dates TBD)
What is Ujamaa? 
Ujamaa means “familyhood” in KiSwahili. It is also the 4th principle of Kwanzaa where it means “Cooperative Economics” – To cooperatively build our own economy together.
Do I need to already have a business, business plan, or project idea?
Not necessarily. Part of our intention is to bring projects and people together at different levels of development to foster cross-pollination of ideas and peer learning. Each person or squad will be met where they’re at and be provided with resources to meet their specific needs. We will all be able to grow together into a shared vision and ecosystem of Black Worcester cooperation.
How much will it cost?
Ujamaa Academy is more than free. Your time is valuable, so you will also be given a small stipend for your participation.
addison@worcesterroots.org or info@worcesterroots.org

Application Coming Soon