Worcester Youth Cooperative is Growing!

We are excited to announce that the Worcester Youth Cooperative is partnering with Boston College and several youth organizations in Worcester to become “Change Makers” in their community. Worcester Change Makers are fighting for a healthy neighborhoods by engaging in the transformative work of researching and applying hydroponic vegetable production. Hydroponics is a method of growing healthy vegetables in a solution of water and nutrients rather than soil. We understand that hydroponic technology is not a single-bullet solution to food insecurity. We have learned that hydroponics are one tactic within a toolbox of methods (which includes aquaponics, organic gardening and farming, bee-keeping, tactical gardens, forest gardens and more) for folks to embed food sovereignty into their community. By adding hydroponics to their repertoire of cooperative economic activities, the Worcester Youth Cooperative is providing a model for sustainable wealth development through economic exchange based on Solidarity. Hydroponics and other food-security methods reach their fullest potential when organized within a network of community-controlled projects such as like producer-owned, consumer-owned, and worker-owned cooperatives. Stay tuned for updates on how the youth plan to use GIS mapping and other methods to map the food security landscape of their city.


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