Staff Collective & Board

Worcester Roots Staff Collective
Because we believe in workplace democracy and co-operative jobs, Worcester Roots utilizes a horizontal Staff Collective structure. Staff Collective members share the role and duties of Executive Director.

Julius Jones / Co-Director, Development and Co-op Incubation Coordinator

Julius started working at Roots in August 2014, and has been an activist in Worcester for 10 years. Julius is a love-centered leader and artist with a mission to bring healing and prosperity to communities of color, (especially the African-American and immigrant communities). Working to build connection thru art, Julius organized the popular Hidden Gems Series of street performances in 2013. He’s also an expert urban farmer. Julius is originally from NYC.

Matt Feinstein / Co-Director, Media and Organizing Coordinator
A member of Worcester Roots since 2001 and on staff since January 2006, Matt is passionate about social and environmental justice organizing, worker cooperatives and supporting youth to become agents of change. Using documentary film as a tool for connecting social movements worldwide, Matt has collaborated on film projects with groups in Argentina, Brazil, and Worcester, MA. He is originally from Western Massachusetts and holds a BA in International Development and Social Change from Clark University. Matt is fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.
Contact Matt by email: matt_(at)

Shane Capra / Co-Director, Youth Development & Co-op Incubation Coordinator
Shane has been working with Worcester Roots since May 2011 and became the Youth in Charge Adult Facilitator in April 2012. He has been involved in youth run collectives since he was 14 and is excited to be doing social justice youth work as an adult. Shane’s background is in youth work, international development, community development, and environmental justice. He is part of a loose collective that operates the HX Library- a small political lending library that specializes in fiction. Shane earned his BA in International Development and Social Change from Clark University and holds a MA from Clark in Community Development and Planning. He is currently working on coop development of a new Worcester Roots landscaping cooperative called The Diggers.
Contact Shane by email: shane_(at)

Sabbatina Konadu / Youth Leadership Coordinator and Co-Treasurer
Sabbatina was the Business and Fundraising Coordinator of Toxic Soil Busters for several years. She graduated from South High Community School and currently attends Quinsigamond Community College. She is a member of HOPE Coalition and the 2013 recipient of the Meridith D. Wesby Youth Leaders Award.
Contact Sabbatina by email: sabbatina_(at)

Judith Mensa / Membership Coordinator
Judith is a long time youth leader in Worcester Roots. Through her work in the Toxic Soil Busters, she has received awards, traveled to numerous conferences and advocates for environmental and social justice on many fronts.
Contact Judith by email: judith_(at)

Worcester Roots Board of Directors:
Worcester Roots emphasizes youth leadership on all levels of our organization, including our board. By pairing youth and adults in executive board roles, we support youth in taking ownership of the organization and building new skills.

  • DeJongh Wells (Co-Chair)
  • Sam Toussaint (Co-Chair)
  • Kim McCoy (Co-Treasurer)
  • Sabbatina Konadu (Co-Treasurer)
  • Matthew Feinstein (Co-Secretary)
  • Shawn Foreman
  • Scott Guzman
  • Faira Cedano
  • Elliot Labbe
  • Jeuji Diamondstone
  • Michael Jerry
  • Jenny Feraud
  • Shane Capra
  • Julius Jones
  • Shane Capra
  • Judith Mensa
  • Howard Lucas
  • Janelle Cornwell
  • Melinda Duah
  • Ethan Mitchell, Honorary Board Member
  • Susannah McCandless, Honorary Board Member
  • Bill Sweet, Honorary Board Member