Spring 2018

Spring 2018 Workshop Series


Free workshops!

Grow your knowledge. Grow your network.


At Stone Soup or Becker?

Stone Soup: easier for Roots to book, childcare easier

Becker more professional space


Light refreshments served. Lunchtime workshops, feel free to bring a brownbag.





Converting Businesses to Employee Ownership Curtis Burrowes, Worcester Roots

Dave Howland, 3 Cross Fermentation Co-op

12 noon – 1pm

Thurs. February 15th

Meeting Facilitation and Consensus Decision Making Matt Feinstein, Worcester Roots 12 noon – 1pm

Thurs. March 15th

Anchors and Developers –

getting big contracts

Howard Lucas, Greenvitalize Urban Growers

David Minasian, Carpenters Union Local 107


Weds. April 11th

Business Plans and Feasibility Studies CDI staff? 12 noon – 1pm

Thurs. April 26th

Cooperatives Information Session Worcester Roots 5-6pm

Weds. May 17th

Legal Workshop: Entity types, Intellectual Property, Leases, etc. Priya – Lawyers committee 5-6pm

Weds. May 30th

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